Survival Skills Basics

Survival skills are things of knowledge, techniques, to survive in whatever kind of environment. They may very well be at the heart of survival itself. If you don’t know how to sustain your basic needs, how ever will you survive? To sum up, what these skills are, we made this general overview of them.

Hence, we’ll focus only on the more general survival skills and not the more specific bushcraft and wilderness type stuff.

Survival Skills: Mental

It’s important to have the right attitude else you’ll panic and when you do you won’t be able to think straight. Survival situations can be stressful. So you must have your sanity always in check. This survival skill talks about that attitude and focus needed to survive. That psychological, not just physical, element of survival you’ll need to tend to also.

Survival Skills: First Aid

Having first-aid skills can help keep your health in check. Allowing you to cure illnesses or heal injuries you might’ve sustained. This is essential for you to continue functioning. Otherwise in more extreme cases, you might succumb to the wounds you couldn’t treat and so on.

Survival Skills: Navigation

Knowing where to go, where to get help, where you are and etc. can be mightily important for survival. Being able to use the stars, signs or your map or compass can help in locating your bearings so you won’t feel lost.

For other skills, you must remember of our most basic human necessities:

Fire (Warmth/Regulated Body Temperature)

Survival Skills: Water

You can’t live 3 days without water, it’s that important and essential to your body. As so, it is imperative that you must know where to gather, store, and purify this essential resource in order to survive.

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Survival Skills: Food

For food, you won’t last three weeks without it. Your body runs a lot on the nutrients you get from food. Henceforth, a lack of it would mean you won’t function as well as if you weren’t starving. Many specific survival skills such as hunting and foraging from plants make up of this.

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Survival Skills: Fire

Fire can provide or do a number of really important things when you’re in a pickle. Such things as warmth, light, cooking, protection, boiling..etc. Whether or not you know how and where to build one can determine your fate as being a survivor or not.

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Survival Skills: Shelter

Like fire, shelter can also provide warmth and protection but in a more solid sense I suppose. Depending on certain environments, for example, the cold, finding shelter might be a higher priority than finding food. This is where you sleep, where you plan, it basically is your uniform and if not then it should be. Your shelter you must manage and maintain. The types of shelters you can use range from small huts to parts of natural geography like caves.

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