Signaling Survival Basics

Having the means to communicate can be a big thing if placed in any survival scenario. How would potential rescuers know you’re there? How would you then have an exchange of information between allies if supplies and gear are scarce?

When you’re in a survival situation, the first thing you must do is get the rescuer’s attention then second, send your message that ought to be understandable by the recipient. These are some signaling survival basics.

One way to get attention is through man-made geometric patterns like straights lines, circles, triangles, SOS or help signals, or X marks placed and displayed in remote areas. You also have such things as a large fire or a flash of light.

What you use to signal and when to signal will depend on your environment and the position you are in, in threat of interception by an attacker.

Signaling Survival Basics: Apply

If you’re in a non-hostile situation, you will need to search the largest area that’s clear and flat on the highest if possible terrain. You must make your signal as obvious as it can be. If, however, you are in threat of an attack, you must take great care in creating and timing your signal. Your signal should attract your allies not your enemies.

Have an area that is quite visible from the air but make sure that there are places to hide just close by. It’s good to have a hill or another obstruction such as a high tree line between where you signal and the position of your enemy so as to mask it. Make sure to scout the area free from enemies.

For whatever kind of signaling you’re planning to do, you better know how and be ready to do it. If you can, avoid signals that which might harm you. Think how the signal might alert both friend and foe – weigh both side’s chances of getting to you first.

Signaling Survival Basics: Radio

The radio can be the quickest way to call for help or send messages across to your allies. Learning how to use one can indeed be vital. If ever you have one or do manage to obtain one.

Signaling Survival Basics: Means

Two main ways to get attention or communicate:

  • Video
  • Audio

The method you’ll use depends on the situation and what is available. Whatever you do use, make them sure they’re also ready.

We’ll discuss these means in future posts.

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